Have you ever wondered why so many "business consultants" fail to produce bankable results?
Do you wonder if you have reached a certain plateau in revenue?
Are you ready to stop having the only way to make more money be working harder?
Do you want to double the size of your company's revenue and triple your profit without working more?
Have you thought to yourself, "There's gotta be a better way than this?"

This is what we’ve done. This is what we do.

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Meet Zanzibar Vermiglio

Owner & Managing Partner

Zanzibar Vermiglio skipped college and started managing companies when he was 19 years old. He has led training programs in companies and for individuals for over 20,000 people. He has a natural talent for designing structures and models from an ‘outcome’ or ‘vision’. This talent drives much of his success. He has doubled (or more) the size of dozens of companies and still maintains a perfect record in doing so. He has a ‘no BS’ approach that gets results produced quickly. He sits on the board of directors for a non-profit and advises many others.

Business Design and Strategy

What We Do

We are predicated on business success. You tell us what outcomes you want produced in your business. We create a strategy that is a clear pathway to success for having those targets realized. Then we train, develop, coach, mentor, counsel and even manage directly what is necessary to ensure the success of the strategy. To date, we have at least doubled the annual revenue for 41 straight business. The outcomes we are hired to produce are not always attached to financial performance. However, this is a usual metric we use to determine success.

How We Do It

Our consulting service is unlike most other business consulting services offered in the industry. Everything we do is predicated on a desired outcome in the company that ownership and management have aligned on. In most cases this outcomes includes both cultural/team goals as well as revenue and profit targets.

Step 1: Outcomes

Create the outcomes that ZRS Enterprises is to bring to fruition. These outcomes need to be stated rigorously for what exact end results are to be attained. Zanzibar will be working with ownership and management to say what the end results are. Alignment in this process is key. Sometimes meetings, strategy sessions, or even market research are necessary for ZRS Enterprises to perform before being able to language the outcomes with precision.

Step 2: 360 Analysis

Before any action can be taken, it is important to come to terms with what is already in place in terms of personnel, company culture, business processes, and sales/management proficiencies. This analysis takes as long as is necessary but is usually able to be accomplished inside of one business week on site. During this phase Zanzibar will be interviewing staff, observing company meetings, observing management meetings, observing staff interaction, talking to current and past customers as needed, and perhaps even doing some market research and analysis.

Step 3: Design

Once the evaluation/analysis is complete then there will be some time and attention given to creating a clear pathway to success. It is critically important that this design be seen as a clear pathway to success for hitting the outcomes by all of the senior management and ownership. Once Zanzibar has created a design, that design will then be fully discussed and vetted from each perspective of the key players. Alignment in the set forth direction for success is of paramount importance. It cannot only make sense to Zanzibar. It must also make sense to each of the key players and have their full weight behind it for the best results to be produced.

Step 4: Ruthless Implementation

Now it is time to implement the design. Zanzibar and his team with ZRS Enterprises will assist with the rollout, implementation, training, and management of the aligned-upon design. There will be pitfalls along the way in most cases. However, keeping all key parties engaged rigorously through to the outcome’s fulfillment is important. Retraining personnel, retraining managers, implementing new reporting systems, upgrading sales conversations, elevating value delivery, and instilling a new culture bent on performance all takes place during this phase.

Step 5: What’s Next

Once the outcomes have been produced, there usually needs to be some kind of ‘Next Vision’ articulated and aligned on. This keeps the company and culture moving in the right direction beyond the work being completed by ZRS Enterprises. In many cases, ZRS can be retained for executive coaching or other services to ensure future expansion and growth.

Performance Initiative

This course was designed as a response to many smaller businesses asking for a way to work with us who couldn’t afford our direct consulting. We wanted to see if we could train entrepreneurs how to reverse engineer the outcomes they wanted for their business themselves rather than having us do it for them. This program is done 20 companies at once and takes eighteen months. During the course, entrepreneurs are trained now to create clear pathways for success for the performance and cultural goals they have for their business. We begin with a ‘Design Phase’. Once the action plan has been created from a 360 perspective of their business, the participants move into the ‘Ruthless Implementation Phase’ of the course. By the end of the course, the participants will have engineered a 3-5 year vision for the business and implemented it’s success in under 18 months. Skill developed include but are not limited to: Business Design, Management, Leadership, Prioritization, Self Discipline, Market Research, Sales Process Design, Sales Call Design, Scalable Business Design, Ruthless Implementation, Value Proposition Elevation/Formulation, Branding, Customer Service, Employee Retention and much more.

Executive Coaching

We’ve successfully coached Directors and Executives through a wide variety of challenges. Whether it’s corporate restructuring, problems with co-workers, simply wanting to get more out of your people, need to operate at a higher level of effectiveness/efficiency…. Etc.. We will have you produce the outcome you want.


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