Scalable Operational Designs

Having written a book on managing people, I struggle to be brief with this.

Thinking through the overall scalability of an organization can be tricky but can also be extraordinarily rewarding. I estimate that a well thought out scalable design for operations has been responsible for overall growth of revenue in companies more than sales planning in over 70% of the companies we have doubled. Why? It is because you can get a company to snow-ball in the right direction by creating the right structures that assure success.

It is possible to guarantee the success of human resources through proper management. That’s right, not just promote success; guarantee it.

Thinking through the entirety of which department will need what to get where we want to go from operational capacities is something not often thought through well in organizations. How do we guarantee performance at a high level in value delivery? How do we guarantee the success of hiring? How do we always promote from within and grow our own people from scratch rather than going to the market for talent? What structures do we put in place that will guarantee the success of our sales teams? How do we get a 40% increase in the quality/quantity of work coming from our administrative teams?

Management architectures, training/development architectures, reporting mechanisms, legacy planning, department planning, collaborative initiatives, and other concepts go into the overall thinking for a well done scalability strategy. Without this, it is difficult to visualize the pathway to get from where the company is now, to 4X or even 10X growth.