Zanzibar’s Mission

We have trained over 3000 sales people. Sales from “What Matters” is the same as sales from “Higher-Conscious Thought”.

My mission is to bring higher-conscious thinking to the world. I have found that there is a magnificent expression inside every human being. When people have their attention on what really matters to them about the world around them, their natural exuberance and vitality as well as aptitude goes up. In some cases this rise of natural aptitude is extreme. Every person in the world deserves to be inspired by their own light and have it shine with a vivid display of true inspired purpose. I have dedicated myself to having that exquisite expression of being alive shine through people.

Currently, I accomplish my mission largely through businesses. However, I also engage with this mission through a non-profit organization, writing, and even through social endeavors.

Reverse-engineering the success of companies utilizing proper thinking has turned out to be an extraordinary way to fulfill this mission for people. Because people have a shared purpose inside of organizations, it’s easy to tap into an aligned creativity and collaboration while securing it’s success through proper structures. The key is always in making sure that we are always working on what truly matters; what truly matters for their marketplace, for the organization, and for each of their employees.