Sales from What Matters

We have trained over 3000 sales people. Sales from “What Matters” is the same as sales from “Higher-Conscious Thought”.

We have trained over 3000 sales people. Sales from “What Matters” is the same as sales from “Higher-Conscious Thought”. This is where sales people are trained how to create the extraordinary value proposition of their company for others. 

If the value proposition of the company is not exquisite or extraordinary, then we begin by overhauling the value delivery of the organization so that it is. The focus is always on how to be of service. Sales done from this concept is five times more effective than usual manipulative sales strategies and also has the virtue of not burning out sales people. Typically, it is also easier to create referral partners and strategic partners. The conversational tactics to be of value and service in an industry are easier to remember and the heart-forward approach leaves people feeling like a philanthropist, not a “sales person”. 

Once we have created conversational ways to address the marketplace, we can turn our attention to marketing and branding that gets across who we are and how we want to help. The message needs to remain consistent across the board.

From there, the managers need to be trained how to reverse-engineer the sales success. Sales is nothing more than creating a network of conversations that gets big enough to hold a target. The more effective the conversations AND the more exquisite the value proposition, the smaller the network of conversations will have to be to hit target. To reverse-engineer the success of the network of conversations, you need to understand your sales process and the different sources for business to come from. We need to get the numbers in front of us to know exactly how many new clients we need to put into pipeline so as to realize the target. In retail product sales, we are looking at foot traffic and conversational conversion. In internet sales, we are looking at how many people see product VS click VS buy. In any case, we need enough in the beginning of the pipeline to hit the target at the end of the pipeline.


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