Sales from Higher Consciousness

The only way to engage Zanzibar Enterprises is to have a set of outcomes or a full 3-5 year vision statement that articulates the end state that the department or company is after.


Sales is nothing more than growing a network of conversations to be large enough to hold a target. That’s it. As with all things in business, sales is an act of creativity.

What needs to be created?

How to address the marketplace, how to manage the process, conversational design, branding, marketing design, are all a part of the process but each is to be created. What we want to create from is “Delivering Value to Businesses and People”. 

What is your value?

The point of a business to exist is to execute a value in a marketplace. It’s not to make money. Money is a byproduct of executing a value in a marketplace. Salespeople need to be focused on who and where is there an opportunity to be valuable. Value-based sales conversations feel philanthropic. All a sales person should ever be thinking about is making a difference. A company is a difference-maker.

If the value a company has to offer the marketplace is bogus or mediocre, then that company should redesign their value proposition or go out of business. Most sales training focuses on how to manipulate people to give the salesperson what they want. This is terrible thinking. We want to find a way to give people something they want or need, not get something from them. Getting paid to produce value is simply how the free market works. We should never be focused on getting something from them.

We should only be focused on delivering a wonderful value.

The money takes care of itself. 

Higher Consciousness

I have trained over 3000 salespeople. Selling from higher consciousness is always 5X more effective than manipulating people. It also has the benefit of not burning out salespeople or sales managers. It also has the benefit of enticing a wonderful company culture and has people want to work for the company. Longer average employment windows, greater company loyalty, greater customer loyalty are all added benefits to say nothing of the fact that it’s just the right thing.