Exquisite Purpose in Life

The only way to engage Zanzibar Enterprises is to have a set of outcomes or a full 3-5 year vision statement that articulates the end state that the department or company is after.


Purpose in life.  Not feeling invigorated by what you’re doing? Not wanting to “adult” today? Not looking forward to what’s on your desk? Ah, then you are like hundreds of millions of other people in this world that need a bigger problem. 

What? A bigger problem?

Yes. A bigger problem.

People are not naturally unenthused with life. We are naturally alive, passionate, and energized. Then why does it seem like everyone is the other way? The answer is simple. They and you have allowed yourself to be tricked into thinking that it’s okay not to have what matters to you/the world around you be what guides your footsteps.

The waiter

I think an example is in order. A waiter can go to work today and wait tables. They are likely thinking about being on their feet for 9 hours and how soon they can just go home and watch TV. This (or a version like this) is so acceptable to everyone. But why? 

What if the waiter decides, “You know, what really moves my heart and spirit and would really make a difference would be to have every person I interact with today have a smile on their face and feel like they were really listened to and known fully just by how I interact with them. This kind of connection is what really matters to me and I’m excited to see if I can bring that out of each person today!” Their day is going to be very different. They may still be tired when they get home, but they will also have an amazing day and be fulfilled at the end.

A problem that matters

The question becomes: “What matters to me? What intention can I find that will light me up around what I’m doing? How far can I go in inventing a real problem for day?”  If you’re not lit up by what you’ve taken on, you need a real problem. The good news is you are the only person that can give yourself a problem that matters.

What are you going to have matter?  What is your purpose in life?